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Beyond the    Mask:

How a Mask Project in a Pandemic Became More

EP 22

Beyond the Mask: How a Mask Project in a Pandemic Became More

I recently sat down with Sandy Shafer, Catherine Kamei and Denise Findley to discuss how they answered a call of service when the Coronavirus hit our communities earlier this year. My guests’ groups have made well over 20,000 face masks for hospitals, First Responders, nursing facilities, military members, schools, family & friends.

Catherine founded the Super Hero Mask Project. After watching the horrific stories related to COVID-19 and the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment, she stepped up to help bring protection to thousands. Catherine says this project has become an extension of herself with nearly 10,000 masks made.

Denise has made masks for health care facilities from Indianapolis to New York City and even Military Troops in Europe. Denise’s daughter is an educator at a local school in Lexington. Pink Tag Boutique helped donate 800 masks to her daughter’s school helping to protect students, teachers, and staff.

Sandy’s drive is community. She is a former Lexington City Council member who is familiar how civic and service intersect. She partnered with female volunteers at Lexington correctional facilities who have made thousands of masks for our community.

As Sandy says, community is all the people, all the time. It truly takes a community to stand in the gap in times like we are living now. To be part of these groups, visit the Super Hero Mask Group on Facebook or email Catherine at superheromasks2020@gmail.com. If you can wash & iron fabric, donate supplies or sew masks, please contact Catherine and she will match you up with volunteer opportunities. You can also drop off supplies at the KY Castle or East End Tap & Table downtown Lexington.