On the Move Art  Studio

Josh Nadzam

EP 19

On The Move Art Studio 

We are an American society divided by race, culture and wealth. We are seeing an escalation of gun violence, especially in inner-cities. Suicide is at a generational high. We are broken with little community or political leadership. Where are the voices of faith leaders, fathers are absent, mother’s are over-worked and tired. It is the sad and hard truth. Yet, we long to connect.


Our humanness calls us to be part of something, whether good or bad. Young people, especially, need a safety net. I found one in my community. Meet Josh Nadzam. He’s a social change entrepreneur who brings connection and belonging to kids through art. He’s a survivor of his own childhood. He’s a masters prepared social worker destined to create change for the next generation. He is the co-creative genius behind On The Move Art Studio, a nonprofit mobile art room created in a refurbished vintage trailer that travels to underserved neighborhoods to host free arts classes for kids. Josh and On The Move have served over 25,000 in just 4 years!


Josh is a champion of marginalized and underserved kids in Lexington and around KY. On The Move Art Studio is growing and needs your support. They have acquired a second trailer that will expand their reach to kids around KY, but it needs some TLC. They are $1,000 from their first fundraising goal. Conversations that Matter will match the first $500 we raise in the next 7 days. You can be part of connecting kids with youth advocates who are creating an environment that will help elevate the best of the next generation of kids. Go to this link to help us reach our goal of $1,000 for On The Move!https://www.onthemoveartstudio.org/uploads/5/5/8/9/55892293/otmas-2nd-trailer_1.jpg.


Please share my conversation with Josh and help us honor the great work he and his team are doing!