Conversations with

Judge John Reynolds

EP 20

Judge John Reynolds 

There will be multiple elections in my hometown of Lexington on November 5th. Ones that too often get overlooked are judicial elections. A special general election for Kentucky 22nd Circuit Court 4th Division will be on the ballot the same day we choose our next Governor and Lt. Governor. It’s rare we get to know the judicial candidates, so I wanted to introduce you to the ones asking for your vote this election. Both candidates agreed to sit down with me and have a conversation about themselves and important issues. 


The first candidate is the Honorable John E. Reynolds. Judge Reynolds was appointed to the bench in early spring by the recommendation of a special committee due to a vacancy. He and I talk about his personal life growing up around horses to his law practice and current judicial experience. We got deep on important issues from opioid abuse + treatment to responsible gun ownership.


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