Conversations with

Judge Julie Goodman

EP 21

Judge Julie Goodman 

Welcome to the latest episode of Conversations that Matter with Ron Gray. In this episode, I sit down with Judge Julie Goodman to get to know her and discuss important issues she sees in the courtroom. Judge Goodman is currently a District Court Judge and is the second candidate running in a special election for Circuit Court Judge in Lexington on November 5th. Several other races will be decided the same day, including Governor and Lt. Governor of KY.

It’s rare we get to know the judicial candidates, so I wanted to introduce you to the ones asking for your vote this election. Judge Goodman has deep roots in Lexington and has a storied career in law and the courtroom. In my interview you’ll learn more about her and her love for Lexington, the contrast between District & Circuit court and some of the biggest challenges our community faces from the courts perspective. 

Please share this episode with your friends & family and don’t forget to VOTE on November 5th!